Official biography

APOKRYPHA was founded under the name "TO THE SEVEN" in Würzburg back in 1999. At that time the band developed a concept in which name and lyrics have their origin. The basic idea was created by the drummer who writes most lyrics. At first the vocalist's position was a problem but after unsuccessful search one guitarist makes the decisive move to do the vocals besides his instrument. The first gig was played at a festival in Würzburg in summer 2001. Meanwhile, the band has done more than 50 Gigs and represents a great status in Franconia.

Besides the live presence APOKRYPHA's music should be immortalized, too. In the beginning of 2002 the first Demo was recorded and already in fall 2002 the first album deal was made. But it was a blunder signing to this label since it exposed as absolutely incompetent. Soon afterwards the deal was resolved again.

Finally the band signed to the Swabian label BLACK ATTAKK for three albums in summer 2003.

The first concept album "To The Seven", which deals with the decline of a fictitious society, was released on June 21st 2004.

"Despaired melodies and apokalyptic brutality", the values of an atmospheric mixture from Black, Thrash and Death Metal are the trademarks of APOKRYPHA.