Something's in the wind! Signs. To announce, but what? Most people aren't interested anyway, far too ignorant and stubborn they are. The signs occur increasingly. Depressing atmosphere surrounds the ones being anxious. It seems only they are aware of the signs. A small group gathers, ready to start something... to hold something up?!

They send a writing to the Seven, "APOKRYPHA" they call it. Delivered by a chosen one for a last chance.

It's crestfallen.

What can be done? Just hope... too late. But with strong will they defy the apokalypse. Not many will make it, but enough. Ready to start something... to hold something up?!

 Detailed concept

The lyrics are as abstract as this concept's summary. Because of the many metaphors and symbols within, they should not be taken literally. But everyone shall make his own conclusion about it.

Chronologically ordered the lyrics go on until the saga's first highlight and still further:

   To The Seven

The saga's beginning...

This song forms the concept's basic ideas. It explains the condition of a fictitious world and its society. In this world there are parallels drawn to our existing world. Seven rulers reign there. They symbolize everything that is the highest power for all of us, like destiny, satan, god or nothingness. Society is shattered, survival of the fittest counts, oppression, contempt...

More and more curious things happen to the world. Natural disasters, mysterious deaths. Signs of a forthcoming apokalypse?

Not for the most people, because they ignore them.


The fundamental evil.

I's the mentioned society's ignorance. People are pigheaded and their own advantage counts only. Ideologies arise. Abnormal body of thought which wants to be commercialized at all costs. Manipulation of single human beings. Repression.

Ignorance leads society into the abyss.

   Last Message

The decision...

Some don't want to accept. They recognize that the incidents come from the people's behavior. It seems hopeless. The last chance is to get in contact with the great Seven. The crowd engages a messenger who shall deliver a writing - in hope to prevent the apokalypse...


The writing itself...

The author is at work - however all efforts are in vain...


he worry occurs...

With all its despair and melancholy, brutality ad aggressiveness the end of the world attacks mankind. All people who ignored the signs are ambushed. They are destroyed for vengeance!

Those who prepared themselves survive. Ready to start something... to hold something up?!


The special ones...

Belonging to the crowd has it's price. Haggard and exhausted they are, waiting for news from another world.


The life of suffering...

This is their way of humiliation and pain until the crucial moment. Now, they are ready for the next step!

   Earth Beneath

The circumstance...

Those who took the chance to pass over to another world, look at the perished world at the moment of destruction. Soon they will experience the birth of a new world under the same sky...


The support...

He's a creature who imports those survivors into the new world. He causes courage and stamina. Only noble hearts will get on with him.

 In addition

There are some songs by APOKRYPHA which don't interfere directly on the saga. But inspired by the wrath against society, they allegorate exactly the same. In fact the lyrics of Moral Sloth provides the basic idea of the concept, it's the oldest of all lyrics.

   Moral Sloth

The moral sluggishness of society is denounced. The comfort of the people is the reason why moral falls behind. The kinky thing is that society rewards the one who only strives for his own advantage and who don't give a damn about the others!

   Black Demons

The one song with most substance.

 Concept visualized
Booklet - CD "To The Seven" 2004